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Travel demand management, such as ATDM, aims to reduce traffic demand or to redistribute the traffic demand temporally or spatially [10].
The increase in availability of total dry matter (ATDM) was probably caused by the positive effects of nitrogen, combined with weather conditions favorable for the growth and development of the plant during the deferment period (Table 1).
ATdM holds a long lease on a prospective coastal development site in Beira, Mozambique.
To provide the first component, a measure of within team perception of team skills, John undertook the development of a questionnaire based on the ATDM model.
Tenders are invited for installation of video conferencing system through wbswan backbone atdm chamber north 24 parganas barasat
British diversified holding group LonZim (LON:LZM) said it had sold its 80% stake in Mozambique-focused firm ATdM to Lonrho Hotels for USD5.1m (EUR3.9m) in cash plus potential liabilities of up to USD2.7m.