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Ahm called the thing "Atis." It was almost a continuous battle from the time we left the fort until we arrived at camp.
The merged inspection enterprise will operate under the ATIS name.
Every source I check shows the data that's on the ATIS. If you call the AWOS phone number while the tower is open, you only get the data from the time they recorded the ATIS.
As a T-37 Instructor Pilot (IP), I was able to instruct student pilots in all aspects of aviation, including the seemingly minor detail of listening to ATIS. Occasionally a student would demonstrate his/her technique for ATIS by listening to the recorded information solely for the identifier.
The transaction establishes ATIS's footprint into a third-party inspection segment while boosting its ability to provide a multi-jurisdictional inspection programme to an underserved industry, president J Marchack said in a statement.
- Soot-painted warriors depicting native Atis (Aetas) dance on Aklan's capital, Kalibo to the rhythmic sounds of drums beating and loud exhortations of "Hala Bira!" in honor of the Child Jesus, or Sto.