ATM Forum

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ATM Forum

(networking, body)
An international non-profit arganisation aiming to encourage the user of Asynchronous Transfer Mode through interoperability specifications and to promote cooperation and awareness.

The ATM Forum consists of a worldwide Technical Committee, three Marketing Committees for North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as the User Committee, through which ATM end-users participate.

Worldwide Headquarters: 2570 West El Camino Real, Suite 304 Mountain View, CA 94040-1313 USA.

Telephone: +1 (650) 949 6700.

E-mail: ATM Forum <>.
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ATM Forum

A membership organization founded in 1991 to promote ATM networking technology. It worked with ANSI and the ITU to set standards. Its first specification in 1992 defined the User-Network Interface (UNI). In 2004, the Forum merged with the MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance. For more information, visit See ATM.
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The LAN emulation standard and multiprotocol over ATM is being developed by the ATM Forum, while classical IP-over-ATM is being designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
I-PNNI is based on the ATM Forum Private Network-to-Network Interface (PNNI) Standard.
The ATM forum calls for the use of Q.93B, but several vendors use their own proprietary signaling protocols.
The ATM Forum has designed LAN emulation carefully so that LANE clients and ATM interfaces can be added to existing devices (e.g., LAN servers) without disrupting installed applications or network operating systems.
We have identified the detailed methods of key distribution that are transparent to call setup in both the host and network based on the ATM Forum User Network Interface 3.0 standard.
Rate control with feedback control information, one of the most promising means of adaptive congestion control, is now being studied intensively in the ATM Forum. Backpressure control is combined with rate-based control to solve the problem of cell losses in a heavily loaded situation that arises when rate-based control alone is used.
And implementations that comply with the ATM Forum specification for MPOA (which requires LANE 2.0 and UNI 4.0) are still several months away.
The ATM Forum and ITU (International Telecommunications Union) defined several adaptation layers to meet the requirements of various applications.
The Internet and ATM will come together, but not until the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and the ATM Forum are forced to resolve their differences.
* ATM Forum standards for MPOA are nearly complete, with only minor administrative issues remaining.
In either case, the calling user initiates a setup request message and forwards the request, using ATM Forum UNI signaling procedures, to the network.