ATM Forum

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ATM Forum

(networking, body)
An international non-profit arganisation aiming to encourage the user of Asynchronous Transfer Mode through interoperability specifications and to promote cooperation and awareness.

The ATM Forum consists of a worldwide Technical Committee, three Marketing Committees for North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as the User Committee, through which ATM end-users participate.

Worldwide Headquarters: 2570 West El Camino Real, Suite 304 Mountain View, CA 94040-1313 USA.

Telephone: +1 (650) 949 6700.

E-mail: ATM Forum <>.

ATM Forum

A membership organization founded in 1991 to promote ATM networking technology. It worked with ANSI and the ITU to set standards. Its first specification in 1992 defined the User-Network Interface (UNI). In 2004, the Forum merged with the MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance. For more information, visit See ATM.
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The ATM Forum was founded in 1991 as a non-profit international organization dedicated to speeding the education and mass deployment of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and other communications technologies as the foundation for broadband networks.
The unification of the MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance and The ATM Forum will provide a huge boost to the multi-service interworking goals shared by both organizations," said Andrew G.
com/posphylevel4) interface, pioneered by the SATURN(R) Development Group, standardized by both the Optical Internetworking Forum (SPI-4 Phase 2) and the ATM Forum (FBATM 4).
In contrast to the proprietary provisioning approach adopted by some vendors, MetaSwitch has fully implemented the standard management protocol defined for use within the ATM Forum Loop Emulation Service (LES).