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(5) The twelve sectors are total economy (TOT), primary sector (AtoB), total manufacturing (D), construction (F), wholesale and retail trade (G), transportation, post and telecommunications (I), banking and insurance (J), real estate (K), government agencies, party agencies and social organisation (L), education, culture, arts and television broadcasting (M), health, sports and welfare (N), social service, science research and general technical services (O).
It is alleged that Charles, 35, punched and kicked the42-year-old woman to the ground, leaving her with a suspected broken nose, during a scuffle inside the offices of the AtoB cab firm in Clay Cross, Derbyshire, in the early hours of September 10.
The word adobe is believed to come from the Arabic "atob", which means muck, and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, if you live in an adobe style house it's built from a mixture of soil and water to form a mud, which is baked into bricks by the sun.