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The synthesis of mitochondrial proteins, mainly those that are part of the COX and ATP synthase complexes, were significantly affected by the dissolved oxygen concentration of seawater (Martinez-Cruz et al.
It was well known that mitochondrial ATP synthase catalyzes ATP synthesis.
In this study, we identified Filensin like protein, Gelsolin, Vimentin, Gamma enolase like protein and ATP synthase subunit B from insoluble fraction of Uromastyx hardwickii lens.
Our study results showed that ATP synthase has a new function during stem cell development and specifically for making an egg that is independent of its role to make ATP," said senior study investigator and cell biologist Ruth Lehmann of NYU Langone.
Fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis is also inhibited by magnesium deficiency related mitochondrial ATP synthase dysfunction.
Genes targeted by PCR included ATP synthase a subunit (atpA) (7), heat-shock protein 70 (dnaK) (7), outer membrane protein A (ompA) (primers Rr190.
This process generates an electromechanical potential gradient, which drives the synthesis of ATP by ATP synthase.
The [DELTA][mu] is dissipated in driving the phosphorylation of ADP by ATP synthase, thereby contributing to the 'phosphorylation' potential ([DELTA][G.