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6 ) ATRAC Advanced Lossless music server for high sound quality recordings (only for the AVIC-VH9900 and AVIC-ZH9900)
Other DRM technologies are much less popular and are (by order of popularity): Microsoft's PlayForSure, RealNetworks' Helix, Sony's ATRAC. These three DRM systems are able to protect both audio and video files.
Un artilugio negro, dentro de un estuche de cuero bastante comodo y atractivo, esconde una pantalla a color LCD TFT de 2 pulgadas, que logra una resolucion de 240 x 320, 262.144 colores y puede reproducir formatos de video AVC y MPEG4; fotos; y es compatible con formatos de audio ATRAC, MP3, AAC y WMA.
Beta, mini-disc, umd, and atrac have all been huge flops, but they just don't seem to learn their lesson because they're too greedy." --
The PS3 can play back MP3, AAC, ATRAC and WAV files.
* Support for opening and rendering ATRAC3(TM), ATRAC3plus(TM), and ATRAC Advanced Lossless(TM) files, mono, stereo, and 5.1 surround
Cierto, en general el uso principal que muchos usuarios le daran es el de jugar, pero tambien se puede escuchar musica en varios for matos, como el popular MP3, el propietario ATRAC de Sony y hasta el WMA de Microsoft.
Sony Music could not very well support a Sony product that encouraged piracy, so it opted out of supporting MP3 and attempted to push ATRAC, its own copy-protected format.
Some previous models had been compatible only with Sony's proprietary Atrac format, which hit sales.
SONY PSYC ATRAC D-EJ100 Compact disc player Plays music for 45 hours on two AA batteries, plus it hooks up to Sony's online music store Just released
Its flotation collectors, marketed under the Atrac, Lilaflot, Armoflote, Armeen and Ethomeen brand names, are mainly used for the flotation of non-sulphide minerals such as apatite, barite, calcite, dolomite, feldspar, fluorspar, kyanite, magnesite, potash, pyrochlore, quartz, scheelite, wollastonite and zinc oxides.
Le salon, organise par l'Institut francais du Maroc en partenariat avec l'Association Tanger Region action culturelle (ATRAC), se veut l'occasion d'approfondir la reflexion sur la revolution numerique et son impact sur les industries culturelles mais aussi sur l'education, la recherche et la preservation du patrimoine.