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ATS is one of only 82 suppliers to receive the Gold level of recognition.
"ATS has seized approximately 100 kg heroin from the smuggler's boat, which is estimated to be of Rs 500 crore in the international market.
is the operator of two lit marketplaces: Omega ATS and Lynx ATS.
Both the ATS Premium Luxury and Premium Performance coupe models are offered with Cadillac's award-winning 3.6L 335 hp V-6 engine.
Saleem Sharif, deputy managing director of ATS Travel, said: "We believe that technology is the key to realizing our aspirations of becoming a complete online travel suite with the capacity to serve all channels, including business to business, business to consumer, and more.
Visitors to the ATS booth #1656 at ASPE on October 1st and 2nd will be introduced to the Alpha version of the new software and have the chance to sign up to be the exclusive Beta-testers to preview the new ATS Spec Tool.
ATS is considering local production of the packs in order to reduce cost.
ATS president & CEO, John Allcorn, said, 'Customers should expect the same familiar faces in the office, on the shop floor, and in the field.
Cadillac is reportedly withdrawing its ATS sedan configuration for the 2019 model year, leaving only an ATS Coupe option.
Scholars generally refer to the various periods of modern ATS interpretation as "generations." (7) The first generation of ATS claims in the modern era began with the Second Circuit's liberal interpretation of ATS boundaries in Filartiga v.
According to Hafees Contractor, architect, ATS Triumph is inspired by Spanish architectural theme.
Getting triggered by these basic considerations, it was investigated whether TS resulted through treatment of the water in Trabzon drinking water treatment plant (in Turkey) and ATS obtained as a result of burning TS could be used or not in cement as additives used in construction materials within the scope of this study [9].