ATS route

ATS (air traffic services) route

A specified route designed for channeling the flow of air traffic as necessary. The term is used to mean, variously, airway, advisory route, controlled or uncontrolled route, arrival and departure route, etc. An RNAV (area navigation) ATS (air traffic services) route extends 6 NM (11.1 km) on either side of the intended track, within which RNAV-equipped aircraft can be expected to remain for 99.5% of the flight time. When warranted by density, complexity, and nature of the traffic, special routes may be established for use by low-level traffic, including, helicopters operating to and from helidecks on the high seas. The lateral spacing between such routes should take into consideration the navigation aids available and the navigation equipment carried on board. See air route.
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Amman, April 29 (Petra)-The fourth meeting of the MIDANPIRG ATM Sub-Group and the Third Meeting of the Advanced Inter-Regional ATS Route Development Task Force hosted by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission kicked off Sunday.
Currently, the European ATS route network is only 3.6% longer than the Great Circle for intra-European flights (Flight Efficiency Plan 2008).
The restrictions imposed on the utilisation of the European ATS route network contribute with approximately 0.4% to the airspace utilisation inefficiency.
In this case, 14 CFR 91.181(a) reads: "Unless otherwise authorized by ATC, no person may operate an aircraft within controlled airspace under IFR except as follows: (a) On an ATS route, along the centerline of that airway."
An ATS route is an ICAO term that means "A specified route designed for channeling the flow of traffic as necessary for the provision of air traffic services.
IAF radars picked up the aircraft, flying at a flight level of 37,000 feet, as it entered Indian airspace on an established border entry point on the ATS route.
A Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAAP) NOTAM issued at 1908L (1408Z) on Monday, July 15, said only that "with immediate effect Pakistan airspace is open for[sic] all type of civil traffic on published ATS routes".
"With immediate effect, Pakistan airspace is open for all type of civilian traffic on published ATS routes," read a notice to airmen (NOTAM) issued by the authority.
This stumbling block will be removed, reducing implementation time for new ATS routes.
Additional PBN ATS routes and pointto-point navigation will be implemented where beneficial.