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A unit of underpressure or pressure below atmospheric pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


A unit of overpressure or gage pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.
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(ADSL Transceiver Unit) A device that provides ADSL modulation of the telephone line. The device at the telco side is the ATU-C (Central), which is a line card plugged into the DSLAM. The unit at the customer's side is the ATU-R (Remote), which is either an external modem or a card plugged into the PC.
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"It is unfortunate that the ATU failed in congratulating the company's achievements in terms of production and sales growth, and employees' partnership in these merits."
KKR spent EUR1.45bn in 2004 on the acquisition of ATU from UK private equity firm Doughty Hanson & Co.
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Christine Goldberg's monograph on ATU 510B gives an outline of the tale's plot that positions the "Unnatural Father" and the "Love Like Salt" episodes as equivalent, for either one can provide the motivation for the daughter to flee and pose as a servant.
But according to Waleed El Nozahi, the executive president of the ATU, this zone "could attract more European investors".
In existing literature, PEOU was shown to be a positive determinant on ATU [9],[16],[8],[6].
TransDigm Group Incorporated (NYSE: TDG), a supplier of highly engineered components for use on commercial and military aircraft, said on Monday that it has acquired the stock of Acme Aerospace Inc from a subsidiary of Actuant Corporation (NYSE: ATU), for around USD40m in cash.
It's no secret that MMAD has an Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU), though according to Papadopoulos its fortunes have varied depending on the policies of successive police leaderships.
The local has been told that the ATU will not authorize strike benefits for the drivers if a strike is called before an ATU executive officer has met with the company.
The ATU is behind House Bill 2537, which would add public transit employees to the list of public safety workers - such as police, firefighters, 911 operators, prison guards and most parole and probation officers - who, by state law, are not allowed to strike or honor a picket line.