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A unit of underpressure or pressure below atmospheric pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


A unit of overpressure or gage pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


(ADSL Transceiver Unit) A device that provides ADSL modulation of the telephone line. The device at the telco side is the ATU-C (Central), which is a line card plugged into the DSLAM. The unit at the customer's side is the ATU-R (Remote), which is either an external modem or a card plugged into the PC.
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Glossary: ADSL - asymmetric digital subscriber line; ATM - asynchronous transfer mode; ATU-R - ADSL transmission unit - remote; DMT - discrete multi-tone; DSL - digital subscriber line; ISDN - integrated services digital network; LCD - liquid crystal display; SDH - synchronous digital hierarchy; SONET - synchronous optical network.
CopperGold System Development Kit Jointly developed by Atlas Communication Engines and Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS), the CopperGold System Development Kit provides an ATU-R hardware reference design and an ATU-C modular platform for the support of multiple transceivers by one host controller.
This easy-to-use instrument enables service providers to facilitate the installation and maintenance of ADSL service via true physical-layer ADSL testing with ATU-R emulation.
MultiDSL products include ATU-R and ATU-C solutions for IDSL, SDSL, ADSL-CAP and ADSL DMT technologies.