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A/V receiver

(Audio/Video receiver) A combination audio amplifier and audio/video switching device for a home theater. An A/V receiver contains inputs for all the user's audio and video sources such as a cable TV box, Blu-ray or CD player and digital media hub (Apple TV, Roku, etc.). The receiver's video output goes to the TV via HDMI, and its several audio outputs connect to speakers and a subwoofer using stranded wires. See HDMI and speaker wires.

Surround Sound Processors
A/V receivers support several movie soundtrack formats such as Dolby Digital, Atmos and DTS. They also have built-in audio effects to enhance music and movies. See surround sound.

Receivers Have Amplifiers
Although an A/V receiver has its own amplifiersfor powering the speakers, it generally provides optional outputs to external audio amplifiers if more speaker power is required. In such a case, the receiver functions as a preamplifier (see preamp). See home theater, stereo receiver, digital media hub and digital media server.

Home Theater Components
The A/V receiver (red arrow) switches between all the audio and video sources in this home theater. It also powers the speakers in the living room and provides outputs to an amplifier for another room. Many A/V receivers can power two or three zones without the need of a separate amplifier.
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The AV receiver then compares the scene's audio characteristics to a reference database of movie scenes and automatically processes the scene's sound field to enhance the audio experience.
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For a larger-than-life entertainment experience, you can simply plug the soundbar's audio HDMI to your non-3D AV receiver. With help from the speaker's premium soft dome tweeters, you receive sonic accuracy and crystal-clear audio.
There are 4 HDMI inputs, LAN connectivity (in-case you don't want to use the built-in Wi-Fi for some reason) and optical audio out, for an AV Receiver.
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The controller offers the following features: ships with Control4 Remote (SRH-150 RF); controls AV equipment, HVAC lighting and other systems in the guest room without line-of sight issues; offers on-screen HD-enhanced Control4 graphic interface; includes audio outputs for streaming audio from a digital music collection to a TV or AV receiver; includes USB port for external storage or Wi-Fi network adapter; controls a range of devices through serial, IR, IP and ZigBee control; supports audio input for any audio source, including iPod or other MP3 players; enables versatile mounting and easy installation.
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