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(1) (Automatic Voice Response) See IVR.

(2) (Automatic Voltage Regulation) See voltage regulator.

(3) (Automatic Voice Recognition) See voice recognition.

(4) See A/V receiver.

(5) A family of microcontrollers used in embedded systems from Atmel Corporation, San Jose, CA, www.microchip.com. Most AVR chips use 8-bit microprocessors except for the 32-bit AVR32. It is unclear what the name actually stands for; however, possibilities are "Advanced Virtual RISC" or "Alf and Vegard RISC," the latter being the first names of the Norwegian students who designed the architecture in 1996. See microcontroller and embedded system.
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2 shows the original terminal voltage step response of the AVR system without a PID controller.
Tekno AVR considers your incoming calls and messages to be precious and valuable.
La regulacion epigenetica de la expresion del gen de Avr puede servir como un mecanismo reversible el cual permite la conservacion de genes Avr para su uso futuro (Gijzen et al.
For more information about Microchip's new AVR microcontrollers and supporting tools visit www.atmel.com/tinyAVR.
There were 34 cases of late death during the follow-up: 15 in AVR group, 13 in MVR group, and 6 in DVR group.
Historically, the AVR was thought to be a good measure to describe retinal vessel geometry being proposed by Stokoe and Turner in 1966.
AVR Realty Company, a leading real estate development and investment firm with a 45-year history, has a portfolio consisting of 30 million square feet.
Erratum to: "Diagnostic importance of aVR derivation in exercise stress testing for interpreting of multivessel and proximal LAD disease-Cok damar ve proksimal LAD lezyonlarinin taninmasi icin yapilan egzersiz stres testinde aVR derivasyonunun tanisal onemi"
In May Akorn, aniche generic pharmaceutical company, announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire AVR for $26 million in cash.
The fully-certified Redpine Connection Wi-Fi modules with integrated TCP/IP stack are ideal for Atmel AVR XMEGA and AVR UC3 MCUs, and Atmel SAM3 ARM-based MCUs, while the high-performance n-Link module with host-managed TCP/IP stack are ideal for Atmel SAM9 ARM-based MCUs.
In a press release, Akorn said it will build on AVR a new consumer health unit which it will continue to expand through licensing of new products and development of private labeled products for big retailers.
Microcontroller and touch solutions provider Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq:ATML) announced on Wednesday the release of the Atmel UC3C AT32UC3C0512C AVR microcontroller with 512KB of embedded flash memory.