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(1) (Automatic Voltage Regulation) See voltage regulator.

(2) (Automatic Voice Recognition) See voice recognition.

(3) See A/V receiver.

(4) A family of microcontrollers used in embedded systems from Atmel Corporation, San Jose, CA, www.microchip.com. Most AVR chips use 8-bit microprocessors except for the 32-bit AVR32. It is unclear what the name actually stands for; however, possibilities are "Advanced Virtual RISC" or "Alf and Vegard RISC," the latter being the first names of the Norwegian students who designed the architecture in 1996. See microcontroller and embedded system.
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In order to compare the quality of MPSO with PSO and also with GA, two AVR systems are simulated on MATLAB m file.
You can enjoy a memorable selfie magic along with the 3d smartphone of Tekno AVR.
Yaphank AVR Boulevard Chelsea, jointly owned by AVR and Chelsea Senior Living, of Fanwood, N.
Reoperations were performed in 27 patients (12 in AVR group, 11 in MVR group, and 4 in DVR group), including 12 for SVD, 7 for endocarditis and 8 for paravalvular leak.
Historically, the AVR was thought to be a good measure to describe retinal vessel geometry being proposed by Stokoe and Turner in 1966.
For the right idea, AVR would provide loans/ equity, and space, in one of its retail shopping centers to develop the idea.
We have had a relationship with AVR for several years as a primary contract manufacturer," commented Raj Rai, chief executive officer at Akorn.
The solution facilitates editing and debugging source code by combining an editor with assisted code writing, a wizard for quickly creating new projects, an AVR Software Framework source code library, a GNU C/C++ Compiler, a simulator and a front-end visualiser for all of the company's AVR programmers and in-circuit debuggers.
The assigned ratings factor in the significant experience of the promoters in the jewellery retail business and the established market presence of the brand AVR in Salem, Tamil Nadu.
As the aid for future years would be higher than originally foreseen, the Netherlands abandoned its policy and agreed with AVR to close the furnaces.
In fact, the public funding of AVR could prove a serious detriment, if not a fatal blow, to many of the existing Aboriginal radio broadcasters who have a long history in serving their regions.
CLASS 5 AVR is a complete vulnerability management solution that enables IT security departments to proactively stop attacks before they start.