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Sound Blaster AWE32, Modem Blaster, Phone Blaster, Blaster CD, Video Blaster, 3D Blaster, Graphics Blaster, Creative 3D Stereo Enhanced Technology, Advanced WavEffects, E-mu 3D Positional Audio, Interneted, iNFRA2400 and Video WebPhone are trademarks of Creative Technology, Ltd.
The AWE64, like its predecessor, the AWE32, is just a 16-bit card - the `64' part refers to the fact that it has 64-note polyphony (meaning it can play 64 notes at once).
26mm monitor -- Sound Blaster(TM) AWE32 wavetable sound -- Hi-fidelity multimedia speaker system w/ subwoofer -- 28.
Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster AWE32 are registered trademarks
26mm monitor -- Sound Blaster AWE32 wavetable sound -- Hi-fidelity multimedia speaker system w/Subwoofer -- 28.
s) color monitor, high-performance 3D AGP video, 24X variable EIDE CD-ROM drive and AWE32 Wave Table sound, Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Office - Small Business Edition.
2GB hard disk drive, the 2001 Diamond graphics card, a 15" monitor, a 4x CD-ROM drive, the Soundblaster AWE32 sound card, and the REALmagic Maxima card, retail for $2190 and can be ordered directly from PREMIO Express by calling 800/834-4558.
Sound Cards - SoundBlaster(TM), SoundBlaster 16, SoundBlaster AWE32
NOTE: Sound Blaster and Blaster are registered trademarks and Graphics Blaster, Video Blaster, Creative Video WebPhone and AWE32 are trademarks of Creative Technology Ltd.
Sound Blaster is a registered trademark and AWE32 and Blaster are
The new Sound Blasters deliver a powerful combination of audio technology that provides a more flexible, professional-quality audio solution while maintaining compatibility with all of the previous Sound Blaster products -- Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster 32 and Sound Blaster AWE32.
Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP is priced at US$249; Sound Blaster 32 PnP has a reduced estimated street price of US$149; and Sound Blaster 16 PnP is priced at US$99.