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(US), ax
1. a hand tool with one side of its head forged and sharpened to a cutting edge, used for felling trees, splitting timber, etc.
2. the axe Informal
a. dismissal, esp from employment; the sack (esp in the phrase get the axe)
b. Brit severe cutting down of expenditure, esp the removal of unprofitable sections of a public service
3. US slang any musical instrument, esp a guitar or horn

What does it mean when you dream about an axe?

Axes have a complex range of meanings. Their meaning must be determined from the larger context of any particular dream. Axes are symbols of execution (beheading), and can therefore represent anxieties about being punished or killed. We also speak about being “axed” from our position of employment (job anxiety). In ancient times, axes were made from meteorites, and they were associated with the divinities of the sky and the power expressed by rain (fertility), thunder (power), and lightning (illumination). In the hands of the dreamer, axes are thus symbols of personal power; how they are utilized shows how the individual is using or misusing his or her power.


A text editor for the X Window System. No longer maintained.


(An X Editor) A text editor used with the X Window system. By adding widgets, aXe can be customized by the user.
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AXA Partners aims at becoming the partner of choice for these companies, by building a specific expertise and providing dedicated resources to develop innovative and tailored insurance solutions, be the easiest to do business with, and deliver a great service to the end-customer," said Nicolas Moreau, Chairman & CEO of AXA France and member of the Management Committee of the AXA Group.
December 14, 2009 – AXA and AMP raise the bid price to $11.
The establishment of AXA Cooperative in Saudi Arabia' will strengthen our position as the most successful international insurance company in the region.
In the current worldwide economic turmoil, the establishment of AXA Cooperative will also reinforce AXA's position as a solid and healthy company.
The 200 Plaza Drive property continues to meet AXA Equitable's needs as a corporate support office," said Astrachan, a Cushman & Wakefield executive vice president.
Q: Let's talk about how communication helped make the turnaround happen at AXA Ireland.
The case against AXA was brought on behalf of several lead plaintiffs living in the San Fernando Valley.
IBM is committed to delivering innovation on behalf of its customers and we look forward to helping AXA take advantage of the best in on demand technologies and business services," said Doug Elix, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Global Services.
The FSR of A+ (Superior) and ICRs of "aa-" have been placed under review with the negative implications for the following life insurance subsidiaries of AXA Financial, Inc.
AXA will also offer to subscribe for $600 million of unsubordinated notes issued by National Wealth Management Holdings Limited (NWMH).
AXA Rosenberg Group LLC, the specialist global equity investment management firm within the AXA Investment Managers group, announced today the appointment of Mikifumi Watanabe as chief executive officer of AXA Rosenberg Investment Management Limited (Japan).
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