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(US), ax
1. a hand tool with one side of its head forged and sharpened to a cutting edge, used for felling trees, splitting timber, etc.
2. the axe Informal
a. dismissal, esp from employment; the sack (esp in the phrase get the axe)
b. Brit severe cutting down of expenditure, esp the removal of unprofitable sections of a public service
3. US slang any musical instrument, esp a guitar or horn
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What does it mean when you dream about an axe?

Axes have a complex range of meanings. Their meaning must be determined from the larger context of any particular dream. Axes are symbols of execution (beheading), and can therefore represent anxieties about being punished or killed. We also speak about being “axed” from our position of employment (job anxiety). In ancient times, axes were made from meteorites, and they were associated with the divinities of the sky and the power expressed by rain (fertility), thunder (power), and lightning (illumination). In the hands of the dreamer, axes are thus symbols of personal power; how they are utilized shows how the individual is using or misusing his or her power.

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(An X Editor) A text editor used with the X Window system. By adding widgets, aXe can be customized by the user.
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He joins AXA XL from AIG where he worked for 20 years in alternative risk business, country commercial lines leadership, and multinational & captive programs.
The new SumOfUs research report, " Axa: Financing War Crimes ", details AXA's investments in the Israeli banks, which are the backbone of Israel's illegal settlement enterprise, and in Elbit Systems, which profits from arming Israel's military.
SumOfUs believes these investments put AXA at risk for several reasons.
He will work closely with AXA XL's business line leaders around the globe to develop strategies to achieve their financial objectives and leverage data and analytics to drive underwriting excellence and profitability.
Further, AXA has granted the underwriters a 30-day option to purchase up to 6,000,000 additional shares.
Underlining its ongoing focus on the health sector to ensure availability of medical insurance in Egypt, and supporting its payer-to-partner strategy, AXA will start offering both local and global health insurance products via the AUB EGYPT channel by the third quarter of 2019.
After acquiring Charter Ping An, AXA Philippines can now take advantage of its status as the only leading financial service company to provide a full suite of both life and non-life products to empower customers to live the life they chose.
Axa XL "will no longer underwrite the construction and operations of coal plants, coal mines, oil sands extraction and pipelines as well as arctic drilling," the group said.
AXA SA is a very strong, larger multi-line organisation with a greater presence in U.S.
D'apres la note d'information publiee a cette occasion, le Groupe Axa vise a travers cette operation lerenforcement du lien existant avec ses collaborateurs, en leur donnant le droit de participer au developpement du Groupe et beneficier en contrepartie des fruits de ce developpement et des decisions du Groupe en votant lors des Assemblees Generales des actionnaires d'Axa.
AXA, through subsidiary Camelot Holdings Ltd., is set to merge with XL Group, with the latter becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA.