Prahlad Keshav Atre

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Atre, Prahlad Keshav


(pseudonym: Keshavkumar). Born Aug. 13, 1898, in Sasvad, near the city of Poona. Indian writer. Writes in the Marathi language. Graduated from teachers colleges in Bombay and London. Has been in print since 1916.

Atre is well known as a humorist and satirist and is the author of the collection of satirical verse and parodies entitled Dzhendu Flowers (1924), the collection of short stories Bottle of Brandy (1933), the comedies of everyday life A Bow to the Ground (1933) and Bonds of Marriage (1936), the dramas on social conditions Outside the Home (1934) and What Will People Say? (1946), and the novel Tsanguna (1954).


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Buva tethen bayya. Bombay, 1964.
Atreya Katha. Bombay, 1965.


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