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in the Islamic world
1. an independent ruler or chieftain
2. a military commander or governor
3. a descendant of Mohammed



in the countries of the Orient, a title for Muslim rulers equivalent to the title of prince. Until the adoption of Islam in the seventh century, the title emir was applied to military leaders; it was later used for Muslim rulers with secular and religious power, such as the emir of Bukhara and the emir of Afghanistan. The title is given to the sons of Arab monarchs in certain countries, including Saudi Arabia. The leaders of large groups of pilgrims to Mecca are also called emirs.

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Addressing Babar Awan, the CJP remarked if Aamir Liaqat violates the court's orders then contempt of court proceedings will be initiated against him.
Today, the film's lead actress Katrina shared a picture with Aamir and Prabhudeva as they rehearse for a song for the movie.
The petitioner requested the court to declare that Aamir has used religion for personal gains and at the cost of the safety and well-being of various individuals by conducting repeated hate speech amounting to incitement to violence.
Secretary Sports Punjab Mohammad Aamir Jan on this occasion said: 'After completion we will be able to organize all kinds of athletics activities on this venue'.
For Aamir, sending out public vibes that he is friends with SRK right now would help his film tremendously.
The villain of Heropanti, actor Ranjha Vikram Singh, says he was in talks for a role in superstar Aamir Khan for his film Dangal , but was advised against doing the film as there wasn't "something meaty" in itfor him.
Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif while congratulating boxer Aamir Khan on becoming champion of Silverlight Welterweight Category of World Boxing Council said that Aamir Khan has won laurels for Pakistan in the field of boxing.
html) Aamir Khan's spokesperson , Federer expressed his enthusiasm and interest about the movie during the first time he and Khan met, and even before their friendly match starts.
They were convicted of the murder of A-level student Aamir, 17, who was stabbed to death in April 2010 in front of his mother Parveen and father Iqbal at their home in Roath, Cardiff.
Aamir, who is also known as Eric, and lives in Leeds, has not been seen since and his family are extremely concerned for his welfare.
The pair were high on drugs and wearing balaclavas when they chose the wrong house and attacked Aamir while letting out chilling howls.
He told Hope, 39, and LOVED 3 Victim Aamir " South Wales Police Detective Superintendent Paul Hurley added: "This is a substantial custodial sentence reflecting the horrific and brutal murder of Aamir.