rod flowering rod proved him to be God’s choice. [O.T.: Numbers 17:8]
See: Miracle
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She stroked Aaron's brown head, and thought it must do Master Marner good to see such a "pictur of a child".
Oh, no, thank you, Master Marner," said Dolly, holding down Aaron's willing hands.
Surely," said Gilder, "Sir Aaron's money might have been safely left with Sir Aaron's family.
The tail of his sentence was drowned in the roar of the train as it went rocking and clanking; but through all the hell of noises to which that unhappy house was periodically subject, they could hear the syllables of Magnus's answer, in all their bell-like distinctness: "I have no reason to feel confidence in Sir Aaron's family.
It was merely necessary to transport it from the hotel to the house in Aaron's Buildings.
Toward the dusk of the evening he returned with his luggage to Aaron's Buildings.
Here, too, is part of Aaron's rod, and a lock of hair from Elisha the prophet.
At Drake's or Aaron's one pays twenty-five lire for common days, and thirty or thirty-five lire a day more for Sundays and feast days; add five lire a day more for extras, that will make forty, and there's an end of it.
It's like the choice ointment, From the head to the beard did go; Down Aaron's head, that downward went His garment's skirts unto.
Should kings and nations from thy mouth consult, Thy counsel would be as the oracle Urim and Thummim, those oraculous gems On Aaron's breast, or tongue of Seers old Infallible; or, wert thou sought to deeds That might require the array of war, thy skill Of conduct would be such that all the world Could not sustain thy prowess, or subsist In battle, though against thy few in arms.
One day Aaron's town decided to take a day off from work.
Madison really was not supportive of Aaron's sexuality and didn't understand it," an insider told(http://www.