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Get the ferry from Ilulissat north through Disko Bay, which offers the most spectacular views of icebergs, and head to Aasiaat, a beautiful coastal town dotted with colorful wooden houses overlooking the sea.
Min Year 1887 1983 Aasiaat 1958; Anomaly ([degrees]C) 0.9 0.8 68.7[degrees]N, Max Year 2010 2010 52.8[degrees]W, Min Year 1983 1984 43 m a.s.l.
Wamberg reported such epizootics from the Upernavik district in 1957-58, the Thule district in 1958-59, the Uumaanaaq district in 1959, and the Egedesminde (now Aasiaat) district in 1959-60.
The municipality of Aasiaat, Greenland will not get an extension to its runway.
Kortlaegning af kystfuglekolonier i Vestgronland mellem Aasiaat og Paamiut: Sommeren 1992.
I wish to thank Jens Kjeldsen (SILA, Aasiaat), Ole Thorleifsen, and Adam Grim (Aappilattoq) for skilled navigation and great assistance during the fieldwork.
The winters of 1982-84 brought the coldest air temperatures ever recorded in Nuuk or Aasiaat (Disko Bay), along with correspondingly severe sea ice conditions offshore.
During the period 1979 to 1992, precipitation (mm) and mean winter (December to February), and spring (March to May) temperatures were obtained from four climatic stations at Paamiut (62[degrees]00 'N, 49[degrees]40 'W), Sisimiut (66[degrees]56 'N, 53[degrees]42 'W), Aasiaat (68[degrees]42 'N, 52[degrees]53 'W), and Kangerlussuaq (67[degrees]01 'N, 50[degrees]42 'W).
19 Svartenhuk S s 20 Karrats fjord r 21 Kangerlussuaq r 22 Ubekendte Ejland r 23 Ukkusissat r 24 Nuussuaq N s h 25 Uummannaq r Disko Island 26 Disko NE s 27 Disko W s 28 Disko E s t 29 Disko SW s 30 Disko S s Disko Bay 31 Hare s 32 Nuussuaq s 33 Arveprinsen Ejland r 34 Attaa Sund r 35 Torsukattak r 36 Jakobshavn Isfjord r 37 Christianshab r 38 Kronprinsens Ejland r 39 Hunde Ejland r 40 Grnne Ejland r 41 Sydostbugt s t 42 Aasiaat r South of Disko Bay 43 Kangaatsiaq r h 44 Afersiorfik s t 45 Attu r TOTAL
Those in the Northern Inspectorate were Aasiaat [Egedesminde], Qeqertarsuaq [Godhavn], Qasigiannguit [Christianshab], Ilulissat [Jakobshavn], Appat [Ritenbenk], Uummannaq, and Upernavik (Fig.