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Aba (äˈbä), city (1991 est. pop. 264,000), SE Nigeria. It is an important regional market, a road and rail hub, and a manufacturing center for cement, textiles, pharmaceuticals, processed palm oil, shoes, plastics, soap, and beer. Originally a small market town, Aba was developed by the British as an administrative center in the early 20th cent. In 1929, women in Aba rioted against Britain's arbitrary use of indigenous persons as rulers and against direct taxation.
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a city in southern Nigeria on the Aba River, at the intersection of a highway and the Port Harcourt-Enugu railroad. Population in 1963, 131,000. A center for oil palm trade, Aba is also the site of a soap factory and brewery. Oils and knitwear are produced there.

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Architectural Barriers Act

An Act passed by the US Congress in 1968 requiring that buildings financed with federal funds, and/or owned or leased by the federal government, be constructed or modified so that they are accessible to, and can be used by, physically disabled people.
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