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the name of two Soviet mountaineers, brothers, who ascended many difficult peaks in the Caucasus, Tien-Shan, Pamirs, Altai, and other mountain ranges.

Vitalii Mikhailovich Abalakov. Born Dec. 31, 1905 (Jan. 13, 1906). A construction engineer, he invented about 100 devices that are used to evaluate a sportsman’s training process objectively. He led the expedition for the first Soviet ascent of the Lenin Peak (7,134 meters; Pamirs, 1934), which he climbed three times. The combined mountaineering team of the Moscow amateur sports club Spartak, led by V. M. Abalakov, was national champion 12 times. An Honored Master of Mountaineering (1934), an Honored Master of Sport (1943), and an Honored Sports Coach of the USSR (1961), he was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Evgenii Mikhailovich Abalakov. Born Feb. 4 (17), 1907; died Mar. 24, 1948. A sculptor, he was the first to ascend the Peak of Communism (7,495 meters; Pamirs, 1933). He was named Honored Master of Mountaineering in 1934. One of the high summits of the Pamirs is called E. Abalakov Peak.


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