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a city in Yugoslavia in the Socialist Republic of Croatia, on Kvarner Gulf of the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of Mount Ucka, 14 km northwest of Rijeka. Population, 10,000 (1972).

Opatija is a port and climatic seaside health resort. Winters are moderately mild (average January temperature 8°C); summers are very warm (average July temperature, 22.3°C). Curative measures include climatotherapy, aeroheliothalassotherapy, and grape treatment. Patients with nontubercular disorders of the respiratory system, functional disorders of the nervous system, rickets, and diatheses are treated. Opatija is a large tourist center.


Borisov, A. D. Vazhneishie kurorty sotsialisticheskikh stran Evropy. Moscow, 1967.
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Only accessible by boat, the small cove protects an ancient abbey - the Abbazia di San Fruttuoso.
Carroll points to small producers of high-quality wines including Muri-Gries and Abbazia di Novacella, which are revitalizing interest in grapes such as sylvaner, miiller-thurgau, pinot bianco and kerner.
Imagining the human condition in medieval Rome; the Cistercian fresco cycle at Abbazia delle Tre Fontane.
The DOC VALLE ISARCO KERNER 2011, ABBAZIA DI NOVACELLA uses 100% kerner, an aromatic variety that was quite heady on the palate.
8% Tabella 2--Nomi non VdB nel corpus CISAR escursione pub pinacoteca foto preposizioni ostello ravioli sangria gelateria prostitute duomo parmigiana vigneto hamburger quiz Palio accademia abbazia macelleria recensione supermercato chianti acclamazione martini rilassamento pronomi dessert bigliettaio meduse shopping Uffizi discoteca cantucci paella specialita compere email cenacolo parmigiano supermarket cronologia gondola club polpetta terme hotel gondoliere eccitazione polpettone test Internet picnic euro poverta Trevi Yogurt Grafico 1--Le fasce del VdB all' interno del corpus CISAA Fasce VdB delle parole italiane in CISAA FO 77% AD 6% AU 17% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Pamela Abbazia is promoted to Senior Manager, SEO and Social Media Marketing in recognition of her outstanding performance in improving the DBE client experience in the SEO and social media channels.
Polifonia arbersche della Basilicata: concerto all Abbazia di Royaumont.
It's reached by a two- mile driveway and overlooks a huge vineyard producing one of the island's top wines, Abbazia Santa Anastasia.
For something really nice, but not outrageous, try the Abbazia, at Cannaregio 68, an ancient Franciscan monastery with three- star amenities.
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