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The refractive index and the Abbe number were measured using a multiwavelength Abbe refractometer (DR-M4/1550, Atago Co.
Total soluble solids: Total soluble solids (TSS) were determined through a refractometer (Abbe Refractometer Model 2WAJ) after 0, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 days.
The Abbe Mark IN, a modern interpretation of the Abbe refractometer, provides digital readouts at the touch of a button and automatically compensates for temperature in both the refractive index and Brix reading modes.
The refractive index of resin samples were obtained by using Abbe refractometer.
The coated film forming polymer comprises a pigment carrying polymer (first polymer) and a second polymer, the pigment carrying polymer has a weight average molecular weight of at least 50,000 and a refractive index nD of at least 1.48 as measured by an Abbe refractometer. The second polymer has a weight average molecular weight of less than 50,000, the coated film forming polymer has a weight average molecular weight of at least 50,000, the inorganic powder has an aspect ratio of particle length or diameter to particle thickness of at least 50, and the glittering pigment weight concentration in the coated film is 15% or less.
The Abbe refractometer, as his device is known today, works on the principle that light, as it moves through a transparent object, is bent.
Normal boiling temperatures, densities measured in a capillary pycnometer, and refractive indices measured in an Abbe refractometer at 293.15 K are compared with literature data in Table 1.