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the superior of an abbey of monks

What does it mean when you dream about an abbot?

Dreaming of the superior of a monastery may relate to authority, either secular or spiritual. It is sometimes a symbol of a spiritual guide.

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Qiu Ming ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (played by Tung [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), the exiled convict, is basically virtuous, capable of illumination; his perseverance and integrity finally earn him the abbotship.
142 lines 4-5) attributes six years of abbotship to A mo gha and Thar pa Nyi ma rgyal mtshan cumulatively, the former held the gdan sa of Bodhgaya for a similar term of three years.
The chapter on the Church outlines Henry's donations to ecclesiastical institutions in considerable detail, as well as stressing the use which he made of the distribution of bishoprics and abbotships to his favourites.