Abbud, Marun

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Abbud, Marun


Born Feb. 9, 1886, in the village of Ain-Kafa’a; died 1962. Arab Lebanese writer, journalist, and literary historian.

Born into a peasant family, Abbud studied at the Beirut Law Institute. He contributed to the journal Al-Rauda and others. His first short story, “Marik’s Widow,” was published in 1935. In his collections of stories Pages and Tales (1945) and Giant Dwarfs (1948), Abbud portrays a gallery of fellahin types. In his collection of articles From a Bag (1953), he critically surveys the life of Lebanese society. Abbud’s historical novella Red Emir (1954) shows Emir Bashir as a reformer, contradicting the view of official historiography. Abbud is also the author of a series of monographs on Arab writers of past centuries.


In Russian translation:
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