Abd al-Qadir

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Abd al-Qadir:

see Abd al-KaderAbd al-Kader
, c.1807–1883, Algerian military and religious leader. Although born to an anti-Turkish family, he was chosen emir of Mascara to fight the French invaders who had just defeated the Turks.
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45-Yahya Abd Al-Qadir Farahat ( 24 years )-alshjaxAyt-Gaza
General Abd al-Qadir Mohammed Zeen -- National Service Coordinator:
Governor Abd al-Qadir Ali Hilil (left with box) presents a stereo to the winner of a Qur'an-memorizing competition (in the center with white headdress) in 1999.
The legendary Palestinian commander Abd al-Qadir al-Husseini fought his last battle, leading a successful counterattack.
Topics of the 300 plus entries include Abd al-Qadir, Bacon's Rebellion, Crazy Horse, the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Frente Sandinista de Liberacion, Julius Caesar, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Taiping Rebellion, and the Seminole Wars.
The Prince travelled by horse and camped, and these images document his journey and the figures he met, such as the Algerian freedom fighter, Abd al-Qadir.
He said that Iranian musician Abd al-Qadir al-Maraghi's Maqasid al-Alhan (Purports of Music) was one of the most interesting pieces to be sold in the auction.
lt;p>The statement added "The Magistrate Court of Ar Ramadi issued a warrant for Abd al-Qadir Afan Qafe's arrest after his alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of an Iraqi Army Soldier in 2006 and the shooting of a U.
Meetings were held with Raid Fahmi Jahid -- Minister of Science and Technology, Faruq Abd Al-Qadir - Minister of Telecommunications, Fawzi Hariri - Minister of Industry and Minerals, and Dr.
With the help of Madame Soheir Abd al-Qadir, my vice president, we put a system that can run on its own for years to come.
Arguably, the most successful of all the rebels was Muhyi ad Din's son, Abd al-Qadir.
In pursuing this more reserved line within the jihad movement, Hattab claimed the mantel of Abd al-Qadir Shabbuti, a well-known Salafi and first commander of the AIS, who issued a fatwa that violence should accord primacy to a military rationale and not target civilians.