Abd al-Aziz IV

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Abd al-Aziz IV,

1880–1943, sultan of Morocco (1894–1908), son of HassanHassan
, d. 1894, sultan of Morocco (1873–94). He brought the weak and disorganized country firmly under his control and held in check attempts by European powers at domination. He placed (1877) the instruction of his army under a French military mission.
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. His weak control was evident after the death (c.1900) of the regent Ba Ahmed. His submissiveness to foreign influence, his indulgence in European luxuries (which Muslims considered unbefitting his position as religious leader), and his reorganization of the tax system led to widespread unrest. The Franco-British agreement of 1904 furnished a pretext for French demands that led in 1906 to the Algeciras Conference (see MoroccoMorocco
, officially Kingdom of Morocco, kingdom (2015 est. pop. 34,803,000), 171,834 sq mi (445,050 sq km), NW Africa. Morocco is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea (N), the Atlantic Ocean (W), Western Sahara (S), and Algeria (S and E).
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). Moroccan disapproval of the settlement led to revolt; Abd al-Aziz was deposed (1908) by his brother Abd al-HafizAbd al-Hafiz
, 1875?–1937, sultan of Morocco (1908–12). Placed on the throne by the revolution that deposed his brother Abd al-Aziz IV, he was soon confronted with uprisings and the demands of European creditors.
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