Abdul-Mahdi, Adel

Abdul-Mahdi, Adel,

1942–, Iraqi political leader. Born into a prominent Shiite family, he joined the Ba'ath partyBa'ath party
, Arab political party, in Syria and in Iraq. Founded in Damascus in 1941 with an ideology of secularism, socialism, and pan-Arab unionism, it was reformed with the name Ba'ath in the early 1950s and rapidly achieved political power in Syria.
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 in the early 1960s, then left the party and went into self-exile in France in 1969. After studying economics and political science in Paris, he worked for think tanks and as a magazine editor, becoming an avowed Maoist. In the 1970s and 80s, he traveled widely and became enamored of the Iranian revolution, advocating a mild form of clerical rule for Iraq. Returning to Iraq in 2003 following the fall of Saddam HusseinHussein, Saddam
, 1937–2006, Iraqi political leader. A member of the Ba'ath party, he fled Iraq after participating (1959) in an assassination attempt on the country's prime minister; in Egypt he attended law school.
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, he served as finance minister (2004–5), vice president (2005–11), and oil minister (2014–16). In 2018 Abdul-Mahdi, now a political independent, was selected as a compromise prime minister. Antigovernment protests in late 2019 led him to resign in December, but he remained in office as a caretaker prime minister until a successor was chosen.
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