Abdülkerím Nadir Pasa

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Abdülkerím Nadir Paşa


Born 1807; died 1885. Turkish marshal (1876). Abdülkerim Nadir Pa§a attended military school in Vienna. He participated in the Russo-Turkish war of 1828–29. During the 1853–56 Crimean War he commanded the Anatolian Army, which suffered a defeat on December 1, 1853, at Bashkadyklar. For this he was court-martialed but acquitted. In 1862 he participated in the Montenegrin-Turkish war. He was minister of war in 1876 under Murad V. Commanding a Turkish army in the Serbo-Turkish war of 1876, he inflicted a defeat on the Serbs. At the beginning of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877–78, he was in command of the chief Turkish army in the Balkan theater. He was removed from his command for indecisiveness and military setbacks and was exiled to the island of Rhodes.

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