Abdulkhak Aksakolovich Abdullaev

Abdullaev, Abdulkhak Aksakolovich


Born Dec. 30, 1918, in Turkestan, now the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Painter; Honored Art Worker of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (1950).

Abdullaev studied in the Samarkand Art Technicum (1931–36) with L. L. Bure, Z. M. Kovalevskaia, and P. P. Ben’kov and in the Moscow Art Institute (1938–41) with V. P. Efanov and A. A. Osmerkin. He painted the portraits of Hero of Socialist Labor N. Niiazov (1949, Museum of Art of the Peoples of the East, in Moscow), the writer Aibek (1949, Museum of Arts of the Uzbek SSR, in Tashkent), Shakhl’s Niece (1960, Tret’iakov Gallery), the playwright K. Iashen (1960, Museum of Arts of the Uzbek SSR), and the writer I. Rakhim (1967, Artistic Fund of the Uzbek SSR). He has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and other medals.