Aberdeen Angus cattle

Aberdeen Angus cattle:

see Angus cattleAngus cattle
, breed of black polled (hornless) beef cattle, originated in Scotland and introduced in 1873 to the United States, where they have become well established.
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But he also knew about cattle breeding and animal health and leased his own farm of 200 acres at Longbenton from Balliol College in Oxford, where he raised prize-winning Aberdeen Angus cattle.
INSET: Cwm's Aberdeen Angus cattle have been a lot less work than the farm's old Limousin and British Blue cows - with little loss of financial return
The youngsters - many of whom were not sure where beef burgers come from - also met some of David's 300 Aberdeen Angus cattle.
The property is also home to Britain's oldest pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, a vital part in the business run by McIntyre for 45 years.
In Scotland he meets a farmer who breeds Aberdeen Angus cattle, before showing us his favourite beef dishes.
Another travel scholar is Australia-bound Rob Cumine, a Pembrokeshire farm consultant who has small pedigree herds of Wagyu and Aberdeen Angus cattle.
Morrisons started selling beef from Shorthorn, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle on its butchery counters last October.
And a spokeswoman for Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society said: "Yorkes are certainly not a member of our society on our database.
She said: "I really like the Aberdeen Angus cattle.
Sheep breeds at Dolwgan include the Derbyshire Gritstone, while Dafydd has experimented with black Limousin and Aberdeen Angus cattle (inset) Pictures: MALCOLM 'SLIM' WILLIAMS
Organised by Organic Centre Wales (OCW), it's being hosted by Deio Hughes, who grows an arable silage mix, red clover and brassicas despite outwintering his Aberdeen Angus cattle and Beulah sheep.

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