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(ā`bəz), city of Issachar mentioned in the Bible.
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urban-type settlement in Komi ASSR, situated on the right bank of the Usa River (a tributary of the Pechora River) near the arctic circle. Its population was 1,400 in 1968. It has a railroad station. Abez’ sprang up in 1942 in the course of building the railroad.

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For example, when Losskii wrote in 1952 that Lev Karsavin lived in Vilnius, the latter was actually interned at the camp of Abez. Zenkovskii, for his part, was utterly unaware of Karsavin's life in Lithuania and did not even know of the existence of his Poem on Death, probably his main work expounding his philosophical system in a literary form.
The ABEZ conveyor system can now be configured into a long zone accumulation concept to permit the use of longer-than-standard zones up to 10 feet long when individual carton control is not required in an area of a system.
For nearly six years, she was held at camps in Inta and Abez' in the far northern reaches of the Komi Republic, an experience Lina's son Sviatoslav described as being plunged into "eternal darkness" for nearly half the year.
* Types of Conveyors: ACC, ABA, ABEZ, & LRC as well as gravity roller & skatewheel
Types of conveyors: Horizontal power (ACC and ACZ models), EZ Logic (ABEZ), gapper belt, sorters (SC and Pro-Sort), sawtooth merge, incline belt (RBI), gravity.
The line between Zones 3 and 4 merges with an ABEZ conveyor, also with EZ logic.
Type of conveyors Belt (RB) horizontal power (190 ACZ and 190 ACC) zero pressure accumulating (190 ABEZ) gravity extendible gas gate RPD diverters