Abie's Irish Rose

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Abie’s Irish Rose

comedy by Anne Nichols ran for 2327 performances on Broadway. [Am. Lit.: Benét, 3]
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Just Married and Linger Longer Letty, for which Nichols provided the book, predate her long-running Abie's Irish Rose, but that fact won't stop people from congratulating her on Abie's by saying, "Weren't you lucky to have your first play turn out to be such a hit
In doing so, he examines materials including immigration laws, lynching, hostile race theorists, Nazis and Klansmen, discriminatory university practices, and Jewish publishing houses alongside popular plays like The Melting Pot and Abie's Irish Rose, canonical novels like Ulysses and Daniel Deronda, music from slave spirituals to jazz, poetry, and early films such as The Jazz Singer, The models of brotherhood that extended beyond ethnocentrism a century ago, the author argues, might do so once again today, if only we bear them in mind.
Together with three of her graduate students, she put together a treasure trove of historical artifactsfrom the New York Times' coverage of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 to a poster for the 1928 movie Abie's Irish Rose, about an interfaith relationship between a Catholic woman and a Jewish manthat are strewn throughout the game.
It catalogs landmark series: The Goldbergs, Abie's Irish Rose, The Eternal Light, and Americans All, Immigrants All.
Spielberg wrings some drollery from this Abie's Irish Rose material; but he has a more serious subject in mind.
Abie's Irish Rose by Anne Nichols opened at the Fulton Theatre in New York City, beginning a record run of 2327 performances before it closed on Oct.
The most laugh-out-loud funny are critic Robert Benchley's series of scathing weekly-bulletin reviews about how much he hated Abie's Irish Rose, a popular comedy about a mixed marriage between an Irish Catholic girl and a young Jewish man, which he never expected to run 2,327 performances.
M 1963-64 2,844 Wicked * M 2003-04 2,718 My Fair Lady M 1955-56 2,717 Avenue Q M 2003-04 2,534 The Producers M 2000-01 2,502 Hairspray M 2002-03 2,462 Cabaret M-R 1997-98 2,378 Annie M 1976-77 2,377 Man of La Mancha M 1965-66 2,328 Abie's Irish Rose P 1921-22 2,327 Oklahoma
His analysis of plays and movies like Abie's Irish Rose, Clancy's Kosher Wedding, and Kosher Kitty Kelly suggest that New York Jews were deeply ambivalent about the Americanizing process, and about intermarriage in particular.
Before Jackie Mason, there was Fiddler on the Roof; before Fiddler, there was Paddy Chayefsky; before The Tenth Man, there was Abie's Irish Rose, which combined faux Yiddishkeit with faux Irishness in a mix that even in the 1920s guaranteed sales for five-and-a-half years.
M The Lion King * M My Fair Lady M Annie M Man of La Mancha M Abie's Irish Rose P Oklahoma
M 1963-64 2,844 My Fair Lady M 1955-56 2,717 Annie M 1976-77 2,377 Man of La Mancha M 1965-66 2,328 Abie's Irish Rose P 1921-22 2,327 Oklahoma