red fir

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red fir:

see pinepine,
common name for members of the Pinaceae, a family of resinous woody trees with needlelike, usually evergreen leaves. The Pinaceae reproduce by means of cones (see cone) rather than flowers and many have winged seeds, suitable for wind distribution.
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Douglas fir, Oregon pine, red fir, yellow fir

A strong, medium-density, medium- to coarse-textured softwood; widely used for plywood and as lumber and timber in construction work.
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For Abies magnifica there were more individuals in the [greater than]20-y old to [leq]40-y old categories than in the younger age categories.
For Pinus contorta, Abies magnifica and Pinus monticola mean tree heights were [less than]3-m and median tree heights were [less than]2-m.
08-m for Pinus contorta, Abies magnifica and P monticola were 8, 16 and 23%, respectively.
5) ranged from [greater than]170 for Pinus contorta on H4 to [less than]50 for Abies magnifica on H3 and H4.
Parker's (1991) studies indicate that Pinus contorta dominates on areas with slopes [less than]4[degrees] between 1900-m and 2300-m, whereas mixtures of Abies magnifica and P.