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Abigail Smith, 30, from Machynlleth, said: 'I've only been commando when I've forgotten my pants after swimming having worn my bathers there.
I am confident that he will work closely with Karen Anderson and Abigail Smith, our Area Technical Representatives in these areas, to renew his contacts and make sure that Taconic is doing everything it can to meet the needs of clients.
Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University was represented by five medical students: Abigail Smith, James Hatten, Lauren Burgunder, Eamonn Maher, and Joe Wilson.
Abigail Smith, also of Gateshead, won her under-20 women's hurdles contest in 9.
Kevin Parker, Adam Pepin, Lindsey Phillips, Benjamin Pierce, Kellie Pisa, Allison Powers, Samantha Prosser, Christina Provencher, James Ptak, Nicole Quatrale, Samantha Quinn, Nafisa Rawji, Connor Reardon, Kelley Roche, Jonathan Rooke, Megan Roseberry, Daniela Ruiz, Jamie Samdahl, Nicholas Sancho-Rosi, Jenna Schmidt, Timothy Scott, Benjamin Sigler, Estefania Silveri, Abigail Smith, Caitlin Smith, Rebekah Sparks, Jake St.
Susanna is named for her late aunt, Susanna Abigail Smith, who was a direct descendant of Abigail Smith Adams, the wife of John Adams, the second president of the United States.
Lots of love and luck jane, owen and abigail smith xxx = Yarm
The 11-year girls took first three places in the 50m backstroke, with Abigail Smith, Holly Scott and Rebecca Smith finishing in that order.
Abigail Smith claimed that Kent County Council took pounds 53 more than it should have from her pay when she joined union action in March 2002.
Byline: Katy Hallam, Paul Suart and Abigail Smith Staff Reporters newsdesk@birminghammail.
ON THE MARCH: Pupils Danielle Hart, Savannah Daly, Abigail Smith, Tara Furgusson, Kathryn Williams and Emily Allen.