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a nation making up the indigenous population of the Abkhazian ASSR. A number of Abkhazians also live in the Adzhar ASSR and in Turkey. Abkhazians in the USSR, who speak the Abkhazian language, numbered 65,000 (1959 census); 83,000 (1970 census). Their ancestors, who are mentioned in Assyrian sources and later in records from classical antiquity, are among the oldest inhabitants of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Furthermore, the Abkhazians were influenced by the West Georgian tribes in ancient times, an influence which is reflected in specific features of their culture. Three territorial groups, derived from the ancient tribal-territorial division, may be noted—the Gudauta, or Bzyb’; the Abzhui; and the Samurzakan groups. In the past they displayed dialectal and cultural differences, but these have gradually disappeared. The main religions were Orthodox Christianity (especially among the Samurzakanians, from the sixth century) and the Sunni branch of Islam (from the 15th century).


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Abkhazian residents can easily get Russian passports -- which offer their only possibility to travel to Western countries.
Abkhazians coming from Turkey and Syria have managed to bring a new dynamism to their home country.
The reason for these differences can be found not only in the traditional arguments between the Circassian and the Abkhazian national movements but also in consideration of the very materialistic nature of the local population.
According to the Georgian authors, the ancient Abkhazian Kingdom was ethnically Georgian, according to the Abkhazian authors, Abkhazian.
During the Abkhazian conflict of the early 1990s, this business, especially the ammunition production facilities, flourished.
I also believe that American academics and politicians are making a serious error by casting Russia as the demon of the Caucasus, when the ethnic issues between Georgians and Abkhazians are complex, requiring diplomatic finesse rather than calls to confrontation.
Most Abkhazians and South Ossetians have never been happy being governed by Tbilisi.
In this respect there is, for me, no difference between Kosovars, Abkhazians, Basques, Scots and Palestinians.
The right of South Ossestians and Abkhazians to independence is also fully justified under the UN Charter and customary international laws and norms - in contrast to Kosovo, an "integral part" of Serbia.
Hundreds of jubilant Ossetians and Abkhazians spilled into the streets yesterday, waving national flags and firing shots in the air.
Hundreds of jubilant Ossetians and Abkhazians spilled onto the streets in their regional capitals after his announcement, waving national flags, firing shots in the air, cheering and dancing.
After what happened, it's unlikely Ossetians and Abkhazians will ever be able to live together with Georgia in one state," he said in a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.