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The realisation that the Daleks - who've made so many comebacks it makes Roger Federer and Andy Murray's Wimbledon exploits seem wet - were actually building abomb to dispose of all existence as opposed to just a tired, cheap TV format was the only disappointment during yet another fizzing Who adventure.
Police also stormed his house on Sunday fearing he had planted abomb.
And he said the fate of Jean Charles de Menezes - the innocent Brazilian shot dead as abomb suspect in London - haunted him during the stand-off.
Lebanese security forces have defused abomb hidden in a bag of crisps, and arrested the man who was carrying it.
Mr Sweeney claimed Omar's one-bedroom council flat in north London was turned into abomb factory by the gang.
Abomb destroyed a bus carrying 20 Iraqi soldiers near Beiji, 155 miles north of Baghdad.
Abomb warning was phoned into Glasgow's Gartnavel General Hospital as explosions were heard across London on July 7 last year.
The device was finally discovered when the car was being serviced and dmechanics reported 1 what they thought 1 might be abomb.
Abomb has been planted on the aircraft and when it explodes the pilot is forced to make a crash landing.
In yesterday's other attack at Malahma, 12miles to the north-west of Falluja,five US troops died when their military vehicle ran over abomb.
Yesterday's raids were brought forward by several weeks amid fears that the fertiliser in the warehouse was about to be turned into abomb.
A MAN will appear in court today after allegedly joking to airport staff that he was carrying abomb.