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The whites have assisted greatly in rendering the traditions of the Aborigines more obscure by their own manner of corrupting names.
After July meeting with Aborigine leaders, Howard said a "cry from the heart" for help had been made.
The last full-blood Tasmanian Aborigine died in 1888, and most of the thousands who now call themselves indigenous Tasmanians possess only a minority strand of that ancestry.
In 1931 official Australian policy is to remove mixed-race Aborigine children from their families and take them to special centres to be trained as servants and labourers.
However, if P Brookside cared to visit the Aborigine museums in Adelaide and Melbourne or read the noticeboards outlining the tragic history of the original occupants of the country in the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Sydney, he might be more careful in issuing such a challenge.
o Exploring the different paths she and her childhood Aborigine friend, Bronwyn, took, she finds that their memories rarely overlap.
Coincidentally I`ve just come across a report about a 'Forgotten Aborigine team who changed cricket forever.
While in Oz Ron signed two Aborigine players he nicknamed Pele and Didi after the great Brazilians, because of their skills
For example, during the reconstruction process, there were dozens of bulldozers and gravel trucks in Baolai while there were at most only two bulldozers and two gravel trucks in the aborigine tribes.
Prior of the traditional aborigine dance show leaders hold conversation with each other
Then, as we got nearer to the serving counter, we saw a young Aborigine woman at the side of the queue.
If one could observe very closely the features of Whoopi Goldberg, he would have no doubt that she is a descendant of an Aborigine.