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Golf an estimated standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make



Abbr. for “planed all round.”


On drawings, abbr. for paragraph.

PAR lamp

PAR lamp
A reflector lamp, usually incandescent, with a thick glass envelope, the back interior side of which has a parabolic shape with a reflective coating; used with a lensed front of the envelope to provide desired spread of the light beam.
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A BIRMINGHAM municipal golf course is now well above par following a PS2.
VERDICT: not quite the same pizazz as on Virgin Atlantic long haul, but pretty good for under 90 quid and well above par if you're taking your golf clubs to Scotland.
AN INDIVIDUALLY-DESIGNED modern home within miles of the city centre may sound like a hole in one, but The Hazards near Cardiff, really is a home that's above par.
125 percent 2022 bond stayed above par right up to the end of last week.
Most of this asset class is trading above par - that is, above their redemption price.
The national team needs to play above par in June to secure a seat in the finals then.
Swiss Re adds that the bonds were marked back above par once preliminary estimates put losses "safely below the bonds' trigger levels," but says only time will tell wither Sandy will cause losses in the broader catastrophe-bond market.
The sukuk has rallied significantly in recent weeks, and was bid well above par at 109.
Apart from that one negative, all other aspects of the show were above par.
Blue Bunting's winning mark of 121 falls below the 123 of top recent winners Midday (2010) and Peeping Fawn (2007), rating alongside the likes of Alexandrova (2006) and Islington's first Yorkshire Oaks in 2002 as slightly above par.
In your heart you know if you're operating below or above par.