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Golf an estimated standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make



Abbr. for “planed all round.”


On drawings, abbr. for paragraph.

PAR lamp

PAR lamp
A reflector lamp, usually incandescent, with a thick glass envelope, the back interior side of which has a parabolic shape with a reflective coating; used with a lensed front of the envelope to provide desired spread of the light beam.
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Given all this, it appears that Obama is performing above par relative to the broader negative political climate, although the reason is not clear.
The problem the investment banker is unlikely to highlight to the issuer up front, however, is that this subsequent debt issued significantly above par almost always must carry a 10-15 basis-point yield enhancement in order to attract buyers.
When the rapid cancellation subsides, the net asset value will rise above par value again,'' he said.
If the market rate is less than the coupon rate, the bond will trade above par (at a premium).
Because many investors, particularly individual investors, prefer not to pay a price above par, premium often is generated with capital appreciation bonds (CABs), rather than current coupon bonds.
VERDICT: not quite the same pizazz as on Virgin Atlantic long haul, but pretty good for under 90 quid and well above par if you're taking your golf clubs to Scotland.
ABOVE PAR visitors celebrate Geggan's winner after Lynch (inset) helped set Stenny up for victory
Unlike the recent Turkey Government issue it will remain above par partly because it is a smaller transaction and partly because of QIB's higher rating of "A" compared to "Ba1" for the Government of Turkey.
Apart from that one negative, all other aspects of the show were above par.
The new tranche of the existing issue was priced above par -- at 104.
By studying the language of bogus recommendations they identified how companies fool the public into thinking their hotels and resorts are above par.