Abraham Van Beyeren

Beyeren, Abraham Van


Born 1620 or 1621 in The Hague; died 1690 at Overschie. Dutch painter.

Beyeren worked inTheHague, painting still lifes (including fish against a sea background) and seascapes. His early still life works are simple and democratic, marked by the clearness of their composition and the sensitive rendering of material objects (Luncheon, Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow); his later still lifes became effective colorful compositions of rare viands and costly utensils (Dessert, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam).


Gelder, H. E. van. W. C. Heda, A. van Beyeren. W. Kalf. Amsterdam, 1941.
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One of the most powerful food and wine paintings at WAM is "Banquet Sill Life'' (1655) by Dutch painter Abraham van Beyeren.
De otro lado, el holandes Abraham Van Beyeren, a mediados del siglo XVII, se dedico a paisajes marinos y logro perfeccionar los bodegones de esta tematica, gozando fama de experto en pescados.
Characterized by sumptuous displays of flora, fauna and food, artists such as Dutch painter Abraham van Beyeren (1620-1690) infused the vanitas paintings with rich allegorical and religious symbolism.