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U.S. scandal resulting from an investigation begun in 1978 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI created a front (Abdul Enterprises, Ltd., hence, Abscam) for its agents, who, posing as associates of an Arab sheik, offered selected public officials money or other considerations in exchange for special favors. The videotaped meetings resulted in the indictments (1980) and convictions of one senator and four congressmen on charges including bribery and conspiracy; another congressman was convicted on lesser charges. The FBI's tactics raised questions about entrapmententrapment,
in law, the instigation of a crime in the attempt to obtain cause for a criminal prosecution. Situations in which a government operative merely provides the occasion for the commission of a criminal act (e.g.
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, and the conviction of Florida Rep. Richard Kelly was overturned (1982).
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The plot of the film, starring Christian Bale in the Weinberg role, centres on Abscam, a fake firm used to lure politicians known to be corrupt.
STING Above, Senator Williams is caught in the FBI's Abscam operation.
intense public scrutiny of the FBI's involvement in the ABSCAM
code-named ABSCAM. This investigation resulted in the arrest and
23, 2006, http://www.pbs.org/newshour/indepth_coverage/law/corruption/history.html (covering Credit Mobilier, Abscam and the Keating 5, Teapot Dome, and the House Banking Scandal).
(1982)(hereafter "Abscam Hearings"); Final Report of the Senate Select Comm.
For details on Thompson's military service in World War II and the Korean War as well as his political career which ended with his resignation and conviction on bribery and conspiracy charges following the FBI's celebrated Abscam sting operation, see Augusta E.
Murtha were broadcast for all to see - from his quid-pro-quo addiction to moneyed lobbyists to the grainy government tape of his involvement in the Abscam scandal a generation ago.
Murtha (D-Pa.), who was investigated but not charged in the Abscam scandal more than two decades ago, as her second-in-command.
troops out of Iraq was on an FBI surveillance tape during the 1980 Abscam investigation.
We haven't seen that much overt evidence since the Abscam days of the 1970s, when several Representatives were caught taking similar sums in suitcases offered by FBI undercover officers.
Notable have been Teapot Dome, Abscam and the Keating Five savings and loan debacle.