Absence Without Leave

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Absence Without Leave


in Soviet criminal law, a military crime that involves violation of the rules of military service; leaving the unit location without proper authorization.

Criminal liability ensues if the absence without leave was committed by a regular-term serviceman from the enlisted ranks and lasted more than one but not more than three days, or if the absence without leave was repeated more than once in three months. Absence without leave is equivalent to a regular-term serviceman’s failure, without valid reasons, to report for discharge from the unit, for assignment, for transfer, or, after a mission, leave or treatment at a medical institution.

For absence without leave the established punishment is assignment to a disciplinary battalion for three months to two years. Absence without leave during wartime is punished by imprisonment for two to ten years. Where there are mitigating circumstances, measures provided in the Disciplinary Regulations (see also the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 245) are applied. Absence from a unit for a longer period is a distinct, independent crime (see the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 246) and is punished more severely.

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Other reasons were Awol, or absence without leave, at 10.7 percent; voluntary resignations, 8.5 percent; retirement, 5.8 percent; personal matters, 2.2 percent; study/review, 1.9 percent; health reasons, 1.3 percent; and death, 0.5 percent.
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