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(sälā`), Arab. Sla, city (1994 pop. 579,850), NW Morocco, near Rabat. It has industries producing flour and fine carpets. The harbor was long a haven for pirates, who came to be called Sallee rovers.


town (1991 pop. 57,872), Trafford metropolitan district, W England. It is a residential suburb of Manchester, known for its cookies.


in law, transfer of ownership in return for money. An exchange of goods for goods is termed barter, but the distinction between sale and barter is mainly technical; laws that govern one govern the other equally. Sale and barter are distinguished from the giving of a giftgift,
in law, voluntary transfer of property from one person to another without any compensation for it and without any obligation of an agreement or contract. The one who gives is the donor; the one who receives the gift, the donee.
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, which involves no valuable consideration. Laws governing sales distinguish fundamentally between sales of real propertyproperty,
rights to the enjoyment of things of economic value, whether the enjoyment is exclusive or shared, present or prospective. The rightful possession of such rights is called ownership.
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 and sales of personal property. If nothing is said to the contrary, the law of sales is understood to be the law of sales of personal property, sales of real property being governed by real-estate law. Delivery of goods sold passes titletitle,
in law, the means by which the owner has just and legal possession of his or her property. It is distinct from the document (e.g., a deed) that is evidence of the title.
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 to the goods, even though full payment has not been made; the seller may sue for the amount due him, but cannot recover the goods. A contract may provide, however, that the goods, though delivered, remain the property of the seller until full payment for them has been made. By a contract, one may purchase goods not yet in existence, e.g., the crop that a farmer will grow in his field. Sales are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code in all U.S. jurisdictions, except Louisiana.
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a city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River; part of the capital city conurbation (Rabat-Salé Prefecture). Population, 155,600 (1971).

Salé has a railroad station and is a transportation, trade, and handicraft center. There is an international airport nearby. The city has enterprises of the canning, flour and vegetable-oil milling, and woodworking industries. Carpets and pottery are made by hand. The city was founded in the 11th century.

Salé is divided into the old and new sections. The old section, laid out in the form of a quadrangle, stretching from the northwest to the southeast, is enclosed by walls with numerous gates, the oldest of which is the Bab Mrisa (1260). Also in the old section are the Great Mosque, dating from the 11th century (reconstructed in the 12th century), and the Madrasa Abou-el-Hassan, Madrasa Bu ‘Inaniya, and the zawiya (religious complex) Zawiyat an-Nussak, all dating from the 14th century. To the south and east of the old city are the blocks of the new city.

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1. the exchange of goods, property, or services for an agreed sum of money or credit
2. the amount sold
3. the opportunity to sell; market
4. the rate of selling or being sold
a. an event at which goods are sold at reduced prices, usually to clear old stocks
b. (as modifier): sale bargains
6. an auction


1. a town in NW England, in Trafford unitary authority, Greater Manchester: a residential suburb of Manchester. Pop.: 55 234 (2001)
2. a city in SE Australia, in SE Victoria: centre of an agricultural region. Pop.: 12 854 (2001)
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It also said that GDI is already barred from denying its satisfaction with its dealings with RGVDC in view of the execution of the deed of absolute sale and the transfer of the title over the subject property to MDC since 1998.
Meanwhile, Toff and Julie executed another Deed of Absolute Sale dated September 12, 2011 over the subject property and, by virtue thereof, the Register of Deeds of Quezon City cancelled Toff's title and a new one issued in favor of Julie and her husband.
Also, the SC pointed out that Abao committed a form of falsehood for misrepresenting in the 1995 deed of absolute sale that she was a notary public for and in Dao, Capiz, when in fact she was not.
'It is true that the Deed of Absolute Sale dated 7 November 2002 executed between Elizabeth Hael and accused indicated the amount of P900,000.00 as the purchase price of the former's real property,' the court said.
She maintained her position that she is the true and lawful owner of the parcel of land, which is the subject of the amended application; and that Josie's deed of absolute sale is an absolute fake.
Meanwhile, the OFW shall submit the following documents for the transfer of title to a condominium unit in his name: (a) BIR CAR or TCC; (b) deed of absolute sale; (c) management certificate; (d) owner's duplicate copy of the title to the unit; (e) realty tax clearance; (f) certified true copy of tax declarations; and (g) transfer tax receipt or clearance.
While he did not demand the families to vacate Lot 70, Pacquing made sure that his deed of absolute sale was registered with the Office of the Register of Deeds.
Here, the delivery coincided with the perfection of the contract-The Deed of Absolute Sale covering the real property in favor of petitioner Baldy was executed.
After the tears dried up, Yolly, a person who Ed had never met, presented him a copy of a Deed of Absolute Sale. Its subject was the disputed property conveyed to Yolly for P1.5 million.
As exemplified below, percentage sales growth will tend to celebrate the smaller firms who can have a larger percentage of sales increase on the same absolute sales growth as their larger counterparts (Christensen, 1997).
While absolute sales of blank tapes have continued to grow, demand has slackened on a percentage-increase basis.