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absolute monarchy:

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form of government in which sovereignty is vested in a single person whose right to rule is generally hereditary and who is empowered to remain in office for life.
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Thus, in describing his situation, he draws an analogy between his condition and that of the absolute monarch himself who remained sovereign even when he was a tyrant.
Surely the assumption is that the President will never give in to whim and caprice, the way an absolute monarch, say, will do.
Nepalese political observers said that from the position of an absolute monarch, the king has descended to the status of a constitutional monarch.
The New Criteria, the official organ of the Mexico City archdiocese, said the next day: "The inauguration was an almost religious ceremony in which the new president was invested like an absolute monarch.
Long Live Democracy'' and ''Nepal Needs No Absolute Monarch,'' they shouted.
In Archer's reformulation, the specular processes by which courtiers spied and were spied upon - reflecting the paranoia of early modern subjectivity as described by Elias, Foucault, and Lacan - drew both the Renaissance courtier and the absolute monarch into contingent social relationships based on the gathering and use of information.
He thinks of himself as absolute monarch with plenipotentiary knowledge and power.
The Sultan, who has ruled as absolute monarch for 40 years, and his brother have been embroiled in a legal battle for 10 years-lawyers' bills alone stretch to pounds 200m.
16) Finally, Satan's arguments are, of course, particularly suspect because the reader has already seen the "government" that he has created in Hell, where he reigns not even as the feudal primus inter pares, let alone as a democratic leader, but as an absolute monarch, a tyrant.
Mswati, Africa's last absolute monarch who was crowned in 1986, is often criticised for his lavish lifestyle while one million of his people in the tiny landlocked kingdom live in poverty.
The presentation of the triumph of peace and justice in the lower world as a triumph of the absolute monarch was not completely foreign to the lawyers' source, as Bruno too had allowed the "Diva Elizabetta" and Henry III of France to appear at his climax in these terms.
The man who can save Deborah Parry from the executioner's sword is an absolute monarch who spends money like water.