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absolute monarchy:

see monarchymonarchy,
form of government in which sovereignty is vested in a single person whose right to rule is generally hereditary and who is empowered to remain in office for life.
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No mention of the gulags, the propaganda, the persecution millions of his people live under To praise Kim's survival skills is strange talk from an American president, given that he did so without noting Kim inherited his position as absolute monarch of a country ruled by fear, murder and constant surveillance.
Will the power like grab of that absolute monarch Henry VIII win the day?
Harry Enfield and Haydn Gwynne led the way as Charles and Camilla, both lusting for power - Camilla having forged a fake Magna Carta (apparently verified by the entire Antiques Roadshow team) which decreed the need for an absolute monarch.
In the face of fast dwindling reserves, even an absolute monarch has very little room for manoeuvre, especially, if he has to be sensitive to the collective pulse of his own people.
With a large section of the Nepali populace clamouring for democracy, the patriarch and absolute monarch, King Birendra, in 1990 agreed to transform Nepal into a constitutional monarchy.
The Umhlanga Reed Dance, a festival claiming to celebrate womanhood and virginity, involves bare-breasted women dancing and singing in beaded mini-skirts to catch the eye of King Mswati III, Africa's last absolute monarch.
The empire lacked a written constitution with enumerated rights, separation of powers, democratic procedures, or any other explicit limits on the authority of the emperor, who seemed to rule by divine right as an absolute monarch. By then, the empire had ceased to exist, so Westerners with no knowledge of Greek or access to the relevant documents had no way of checking the historical reality against the disparaging claims of Edward Gibbon and others, for whom the Byzantines served as a convenient starting point for the Whig writing of history--the primeval nightmare of superstitious despotism out of which the Western world awoke and arose.
So the absolute monarch of Swaziland has much the same powers and status as a dictator plus thousands of gyrating virgins.
He knew that an absolute monarch could only survive if he looked like an absolute monarch.
A caliphate is a special thing in Islamic history and teaching: it is the empire of the Ummah (the believers), and the caliph is the head of state and theocratic absolute monarch. A caliphate would hold that the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and the Republics of Turkey, Egypt, and Iran would be vassal states under its suzerainty and the kings and presidents of these countries are vassals.
As for power, the Hellcat's S&S Cycle connections make it the absolute monarch of motorcycles ?