absolute monarchy

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absolute monarchy:

see monarchymonarchy,
form of government in which sovereignty is vested in a single person whose right to rule is generally hereditary and who is empowered to remain in office for life.
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This lesson was learnt by the advanced democracies of the world, who overthrew their absolute monarchies and aristocracy and vested ultimate power in the people.
One reason is that politically, these countries are dictatorships; Saudi Arabia and Oman, for example, are some of the few remaining absolute monarchies in the world.
Comparing the modern conflicts of today to how World War I and II began to purge Europe of it's absolute monarchies, it's a deft look at a changing world, and an optimistic viewpoint of the region for a change.
This gives him a secure base of operations to carry out his role "as the leader of disenfranchised Arabs and other Muslims who seek the liberation of Palestine and the downfall of the authoritarian regimes of the Middle East and absolute monarchies and emirates of the Gulf.
DRIPPING gold, he rode in triumph through pouring rain yesterday as the heir to one of the world's last absolute monarchies .