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1. any of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens of a country by its constitution
a. the right of a lawyer to refuse to divulge information obtained in confidence from a client
b. the right claimed by any of certain other functionaries to refuse to divulge information
3. the rights and immunities enjoyed by members of most legislative bodies, such as freedom of speech, freedom from arrest in civil cases during a session, etc.
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the granting of some concession; a partial exemption from fulfilling established rules or obligations (tax privileges or pension privileges) or the easing of the conditions of their fulfillment.

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(1) The rights granted to a single user or group of users who operate a computer. Administrative privileges allow a user the right to make any and all changes in the computer, including setting up accounts for other users. User-level privileges are more restricted. See access rights.

(2) The rights granted to software running in the computer, which determines which hardware and software resources can be accessed and changed. See privileged mode and access mode.
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(2) Restatement (Second) of Torts [section]584 at 243 (Introductory Note: "Absolute Privilege Irrespective of Consent") (internal quotations omitted).
The trial judge questioned whether an absolute privilege should apply in the case, but nonetheless granted a summary judgment motion for the attorney, holding that the Supreme Court had held that "statements made during the course of a judicial proceeding are entitled to an absolute privilege," in Levin, Middlebrooks, Mabie, Thomas, Mayes & Mitchell, P.A.
“The leadership that I have had the absolute privilege of dealing with from The Busy Buddy is one that I know will be able to not only please but also excite both our existing as well as new clientele!”
Personally I can't wait it will be a week never to forget and to be a part of it is an absolute privilege.
"It is an absolute privilege to be honoured with such a coveted recognition," said Mr Mithaiwala.
"It's been my absolute privilege to serve my country for the last 29 years as an aerial porter.
Then, asked if he'd like to be Premier, he said: "It would be an absolute privilege."
News organizations are not seeking an absolute privilege to withhold information.
The Justice Department describes this tactic as an 'absolute privilege'--in effect, a neutron bomb that leaves no plaintiff standing."
Brendan Williams, D-Olympia, have introduced measures that would give professional journalists absolute privilege on protecting confidential sources, the same exemption from testifying in court that is granted to spouses, attorneys, clergy and police officers.
A bill to provide reporters with an "absolute privilege" against compelled disclosure of their sources was introduced in the House on Feb.
The court rejected the plaintiff's contention that the privilege is not an absolute privilege. The court noted that it was crystal clear that the applicable statute providing for confidentiality of incident reports addressed the confidentiality of both incident reports and risk management reports and declared both reports privileged.