absorption rate

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absorption rate, initial rate of absorption

The weight of water absorbed when a brick is partially immersed for one minute; usually expressed in grams per minute or ounces per minute.
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The other top 10 performers in absorption rates were Kitui, Garissa, Taita Taveta, Murang'a, Mandera, Nairobi, Nandi, Nyamira and Kakamega counties.The rest of the counties failed to spend half of their budgets.
This outlook assumes that general economic conditions, including interest rates and mortgage availability, and average home sales price, construction costs, availability of land, land development costs and overall absorption rates in the remainder of 2018 are similar to those in the first half of 2018.
However, pre-leasing activity in these townships are promising, and may indicate better market absorption rates in the coming quarters.
A 2017 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that people who consumed salads that included soybean oil improved absorption rates of several key nutrients and antioxidants, including vitamins A, E, and K; beta-carotene, and lutein, compared to when they munched on salads without oil.
In the first financial or budget period of the European funds for Romania, between 2007 and 2013, according to latest available data, the national economy recorded, in all the three indicators or all the specific absorption rates, values placed well below the EU average--by around 10% on average (with an effective rate of 79.23%, a current absorption rate of 82.93%, and an overall absorption rate of 90.44%, which also includes the amounts received from the EU in advance, as of 31st January 2017).
Because of their different water absorption rates and other physicochemical characteristics of bedding materials, the numerical value of water absorbed in bedding materials would be different.
Absorption rates for unsubsidized, newly built apartments reached the fastest pace in a decade: The Census Bureau reported that the latest three-month and six-month absorption rates had risen to 64 percent and 83 percent, respectively.
While average prices have climbed upwards in 2014, absorption rates are still lower than the spring of 2013.
On structural funds, Petrides said that Cyprus has one of the highest absorption rates, and noted that efforts must center on competitive programmes, which could yield a funding of up to 400 mln euros.
Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia show particularly low absorption rates and consequently still have large amounts to spend.
In this paper, we investigate the absorption rates of the microwave triple-band MA numerically and experimentally, which consists of a periodic array of three rotated square rings (RSRs) and a continuous metal film separated by a dielectric substrate.