absorption rate

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absorption rate, initial rate of absorption

The weight of water absorbed when a brick is partially immersed for one minute; usually expressed in grams per minute or ounces per minute.
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In summary, absorption rates are much lower than published "classical data" for this newly discovered X-ray window.
Undersecretary to the President Constantinos Petrides said from his part that efforts under way focus at increasing the absorption rate of EU funds.
At 2012 absorption rates, there is not enough inventory to satisfy market demand, concluded Ms.
So at the risk of sounding overly optimistic, the correlative nature of investor moves as large as those bets made recently by Blackstone paired with the positive absorption rates in the national and local retail real estate markets can only add to the upward trend and an overall retail trickle-down economic recovery.
Type I patients: This group also had low expression of MGAT3 and low amyloid beta absorption rates, but the strength of the MGAT3 message and the absorption of amyloid beta increased when researchers stimulated the macrophages with synthetic curcumin.
While a similar positive trend in net stock absorption rates is emerging in Manchester, by contrast Leeds has seen a marked decline with all grades of space experiencing negative absorption.
Substituting 10% or more soy flakes increased water absorption rates.
Again, as households that previously would have selected apartment units are steered into a growing inventory of for-sale units, net absorption rates may well "statistically" underperform expectations.
However, because formulas used in the calculations of exposure rely on fixed values for protection incurred by personal protective equipment, work hours, absorption rates, and spray patterns, they generate hypothesized risk estimates.
In fact, there is growing evidence that lichens growing on trees help with water absorption rates in forests and add to the soil nutrient levels.
In addition, they looked at absorption rates for didanosine and stavudine in 10 untreated individuals (as controls).
Powder absorption rates will always depend on product characteristics but absorption rates of up to 15kg per minute can be achieved, they tell us, in batch sizes up to 300 litres.