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(analytical chemistry)
The constant a in the Beer's law relation A = abc, where A is the absorbance, b the path length, and c the concentration of solution. Also known as absorptive power. Formerly known as absorbency index; absorption constant; extinction coefficient.
The ratio of the radiation absorbed by a surface to the total radiation incident on the surface.
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(or absorptive power), αv, the fraction of a monochromatic radiation flux of frequency v that is absorbed by a body on which the flux is incident. Although often called the absorption factor, it differs from the absorption factor in that it applies only to radiation of a specific frequency. The absorption factor is the integral of the absorptivities over all the frequencies present in the irradiating flux. The absorptivity for thermal radiation is dependent not only on the frequency or wavelength of the radiation but also on the temperature T of the body:

α = α(ν, T) = α*(λ, T)


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Caption: Figure 8: (a) Simulated absorptivity for different incidence angles for TE (a) and TM (b) polarizations.
The SSM used in this study has fixed values of solar absorptivity of 0.1 and IR emissivity of 0.9.
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where [alpha] is the absorptivity, R is the reflectance, and t is the transmittance of the surface.
where [A.sub.1] is N[H.sub.2] band area at 5060 [cm.sup.-1], [c.sub.pa1] is N[H.sub.2] concentration (mol/kg) and [[alpha].sub.pa1] is molar absorptivity of N[H.sub.2] band at 5060 [cm.sup.-1] that was quantified as 1.9213 kg/mol from the control 3,3'-DDS monomer spectrum at a sample thickness 0.20 mm.
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The radiant heat flux of fire will be transferred to the surface of a structure by absorptivity ratio of the surface while the structure emits the radiant heat flux in proportion to its emissivity [28].
The assay of HEMA in fresh and polymerized solutions was carried out by mixing a small amount of the solution with 0.05 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.0, and measurement of absorbance at 208 nm (molar absorptivity 8000 [M.sup.-1] [cm.sup.-1]).
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