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[32] Rainer Koschke, Raimar Falke and Pierre Frenzel, "Clone detection using abstract syntax suffix trees," in Proc.
Abstract syntax tree that is output of the frontend is loaded into the backend.
It is clear that a mapping from abstract syntax to a concrete syntax is as important as the inverse mapping.
The RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax and the RDF Semantics documents provide the fundamental framework behind RDF: the underlying assumptions and structures that makes RDF unique from other metadata models (such as the relational data model).
In fact, major language developers--including Microsoft--recognize the principle that no one legally "owns" the abstract syntax of a programming language.
Our compression scheme is based on adaptive methods such as LZW[10], but has been tailored towards encoding abstract syntax trees rather than character streams.
Therefore, CXF is expressed in Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1), an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) open systems interconnection standard compatible with numerous software programs.
Having begun with Op art, Taaffe long ago moved on to another way of assimilating a tradition, especially that of another culture: he re-presents a traditional abstract syntax through combinational sequences and studio techniques of his own devising.
Instead of showing abstract syntax statements, I often use a series of annotated examples.