abstraction layer

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abstraction layer

Software that translates a high-level request into the low-level commands required to perform the operation. The most common abstraction layer is the programming interface (API) between an application and the operating system. High-level calls are made to the operating system, which executes the necessary instructions to perform the task.

The domain names and URLs on the Internet are another common abstraction layer, enabling an alphabetic name such as computerlanguage.com to be converted into the numeric IP address of the Web server (see Internet domain name).

Multiple Layers of Abstraction
Today's applications are often programmed in multiple layers of abstraction. For example, a program can be written by selecting menu options and dragging icons around the screen. These movements may be translated into a high-level language that is translated into a low-level language, which is translated into machine language. The farther away from the machine language of the computer that an operation is programmed, the more instructions are executed to perform the task.

Combine this with the interaction of the operating system, which itself may be executing 10 times as many instructions as necessary, and you understand why even on a fast computer, a user may be able to press the keyboard keys faster than the program can accept the input. Considering modern personal computers execute upwards of two billion instructions per second, compared to the first PCs that executed one million, the extra machine cycles are absorbed layer to layer, each one telling the next one what to do. See level of abstraction.
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01: Provide a higher abstraction level for connectors in order to make them more generic and more reusable.
The tools work at the cycle-based and transaction-based abstraction level, combining the speed of C/C++ with the accuracy of RTL, to provide a complete platform for modeling and programming multi-core SoCs.
In the following two sub-sections, these ways by which abstraction level is reduced are explained and an illustration is given of how the level of abstraction is reduced in the context of Graph Theory.
The objective of this paper is to propose a pattern language which allows us to reduce the abstraction level between early requirements and late requirements in a systematic way.
In contrast, an EMC engineer working at a later design stage focuses on the signal integrity of the bus system, thus having completely different requirements on the model's abstraction level and parameter information.
This is because any of those seven active elements may be a chunk, a single knowledge component at one level of detail but one that can be expanded into multiple constituent knowledge elements at a more detailed abstraction level.
Consequently, it is shown how system-level simulators with a higher abstraction level can be designed such that their results still match link-level simulations.
Luciano Lavagno, Professor of Electronics at Politechnico di Torino (Polytechnic University of Turin), who has a special research interest in hardware/software co-design, commented, These tools are unique because they capture all high-level functionality aspects at a single abstraction level.
Abstraction level as the quality of the relationships between the object of thought and the thinking person
UVM Express provides a way to build the testbench environment, a way to raise the abstraction level, a way to check the quality of tests and a way to think about writing tests.
This greatly improves the process of converting single-threaded C++ algorithms to multi-thread or multi-module hardware architectures raising the abstraction level available to designers.
The N5343A allows engineers to work in the domain (digital or RF) and abstraction level (physical or protocol layer) of their choice to quickly characterize RF-ICs and rapidly solve cross-domain integration problems.