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A language for symbolic mathematics, especially General Relativity.

See also CLAM.

["ALAM Programmer's Manual", Ray D'Inverno, 1970].
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The nation has no option but to have a good election," said former bureaucrat Abu Alam Shaheed Khan and political analyst Mohiuddin Ahmed both in a latest media talk.
According to Ashraf Abu Alam, general manager of the financial institution's sector at Banque du Caire, from this point forward, the bank is targeting to focus on financing and supporting Egyptian exports, with an impact on intensifying the industry and increasing foreign exchange resources by opening channels to finance foreign trade operations.
A march of several members of the Al-Ghad Party and Moussa's supporters, headed by Moussa, roamed from the campaign headquarters on Sabry Abu Alam Street throughout Abdin Street in Downtown Cairo, to the polling station.
Graciano Mijares, regional director of the Police Regional Office-ARMM, identified the suspect as Abu Alam Abbas (male), 30, an alleged member of the ASG.
It said that three refugees, Mohammad Farooq, Abu Alam and Mohammad Saleem, who crossed over to India in 2010 and on Eid-ul-Azha came to Nagrota Jammu to meet their relatives living there.
The army killed tens of Jeish al-Fath terrorists, including two notorious commanders named Khaled al-Fares Abu Alam and Hesam Salameh.
Abu Alam Chowdhury, Managing Director and CEO, Conexpo, handicrafts and giftware exporter, Bangladesh
Entissar Amer, the wife of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi cast her vote in presidential election on March 26, 2018 - Press Photo A march of several members of the Al-Ghad Party and Moussa's supporters headed by Moussa roamed from the campaign headquarter on Sabry Abu Alam Street throughout Abdin Street in Downtown Cairo to the polling station - Egypt Today/ Ahmed Hendy President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inspected the electoral process from the campaign operations room - Press Photo Pope Tawadros II cast his ballot in a polling station set up in the closest school to the Cathedral of Abbasiya, and former President Adly Mansour elected a candidate in 6 October city near Giza.
Documents to get also from GAEB Offices in Menoufiya, Sabri Abu Alam St., Shebin El Kom.
As for the ministers of Justice; Sabry Abu Alam was a jurist, politician, general secretary of Al Wafd Party, and he was particularly notable for passing the judicial authority independence law.

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